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Air Pump Company was founded in 1970 to sell compressed air related engineered products. Specializing in Air Operated Pumps and Accessories, and, recognizing an industry need, Air Pump Company introduced the first version of our floatless level control from our own manufacturing division in 1973, Air Pump Valve Corporation.

After successfully achieving Top 10 Distributor status first with Wilden Pump & Engineering, then again with ARO/IR Pump, we are pleased to announce that,

H&P Technologies, Inc., has acquired the APCO Pump Lines Business!

The Pump Lines Business includes the sale and service of ARO, Wilden and Pumper brands of air-operated diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, parts and accessories. Follow the link below to H&P Technologies now for Wilden, IR-ARO and Pumper Product Information, Sales or Service:

H & P Technologies, Inc.

Phone: 586.758.0100

Fax: 586.758.0589

Many new level control products later, we still craft each engineered control from the best materials available and insist on testing each unit before it leaves our Swartz Creek facility. Our controls are built to last for years in difficult industrial applications, and, have been described as "Bulletproof".

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And A Note from Our Staff . . . We are committed to providing the best possible service! We pride ourselves on our excellent shipping performance and attention to quality control!

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